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From managing the logistical aspects of transporting bulk material from production facilities to end users, to providing highly beneficial social development initiatives, we explore how ChromTech Holdings continues to offer solutions for the African mining sector.


ChromTech Holdings (ChromTech) offers fit-for-purpose, industry-specific-engineering solutions. As operators, ChromTech understands the requirements of functional, maintenance-friendly engineering, centred on cost-effective production and operation. The company is constantly adapting and evolving its plants to embrace the latest technology and design within the industry.

ChromTech has successfully managed, constructed and commissioned a number of chrome recovery plants in recent years. A major competitive advantage within this highly competitive sector is that ChromTech has both the expertise to adapt its designs to meet the specific requirements of each project, as well as possessing the construction skills to bring it online within both time and budget.

ChromTech acknowledges that to remain competitive, it must produce a quality product on time, within specification, and at below market-related costs. At present, ChromTech prides itself on being one of the lowest-cost chrome producers in the entirety of the South African market.

The ChromTech service range extends beyond the supply of products. Through the company’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market and chrome value chain, it strives to always meet and then exceed customer requirements. This has led to an immense sense of pride for its commitment to quality and supply reliability for the vast and established, international customer base it continues to serve.

Another crucial role fulfilled by ChromTech is to manage the logistical aspects of transporting bulk material from the production facilities to the end users. Through its highly skilled in-house logistics team, ChromTech manages all aspects of product movement from mine to market. In partnership with all the company’s service providers, ChromTech has developed a cost-effective and efficient inland road and rail network, catering for both bulk and container exports as well as local sales.

Operating safely and legally within the South African mining and manufacturing industry is key to ChromTech’s ongoing success. This is easier to navigate, as an integrated, ISO accredited company, with ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accreditations. The company has a dedicated Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) department in order to ensure full legal and ISO compliance, giving clients peace of mind at every level of its service offering.


ChromTech believes that to be sustainable, productive and most vitally, safe, it must work with and indeed support the communities close to its operations. In recent years ChromTech has invested significantly in multiple social development initiatives in South Africa.

The “Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader” project, involved the construction of a brand-new library for Marikana High School in South Africa. Together with new books, resources and a catalogue system, the new building was constructed on the site of the school’s old, dilapidated swimming school.

Elsewhere, ChromTech recently donated 500 packs of reusable sanitary towels to high school pupils at the Marikana Combined School. The packs have already made a major impact on reducing absenteeism and improving the education consistency of many of the young women at the school. 

ChromTech’s Finance Manager, Stephen Baird details how, “the lack of menstrual sanitation products forces many schoolgirls in poorer communities to miss vital classroom time, which in turn affects their educational performance, diminishing future opportunities.”

By collaborating with Project Dignity, the company has been able to make a large difference to lives in one of the key communities in the vicinity of ChromTech’s operation. It’s community-minded initiatives such as this, that place ChromTech at the forefront of the mining sector, as a company truly dedicated to enacting change.

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