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  • Rally Engineering is a medium-sized, multi-disciplinary engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) consulting firm, which has undergone significant growth in both its workforce and operational scope.
  • With around 300 employees and four strategic office locations across Canada, Rally is able to drive innovation and provide custom solutions to meet the intricate needs of its clients.
  • As a 100 percent Canadian-owned entity, Rally Engineering distinguishes itself through its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability.
  • “As an equal opportunities employer, Rally prioritizes the well-being and development of its team, promoting a culture of excellence,” says Len de Gans, President and CEO, Rally Engineering.

Delivering multi-disciplinary engineering, procurement, and construction management consultancy services to a diverse range of clients over the past decade, Rally Engineering has distinguished itself as an industry trailblazer. Len de Gans, President and CEO, explains how the company’s values of integrity, collaboration, excellence, service, and innovation continue to prevail.


Characterized by innovation, economic contribution, and environmental stewardship, the Canadian oil and gas industry represents an intricate ecosystem.  

Adept at marrying technological progress with sustainability and social responsibility, this sector crafts a narrative of resilience and dedication to a brighter future.  

“As the industry evolves amidst global changes, it mirrors Canada’s current state and its ambitions for a sustainable and thriving future,” introduces Len de Gans, President and CEO of Rally Engineering (Rally). 

Founded in 2006, Rally began its operations in a modest office in Edmonton, Alberta (AB). Today, the company  has transformed into a medium-sized, multi-disciplinary engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) consulting firm, which has undergone significant growth in both its workforce and operational scope.  

With around 300 employees and four strategic office locations across Canada, Rally is able to drive innovation and provide custom solutions to meet the intricate needs of its clients.  

In terms of its service offerings, Rally has grown extensively of late; a broadened portfolio underscores the company’s commitment to providing end-to-end solutions with greater control and coordination that span the entire project lifecycle.  

“While still specializing in engineering, feasibility studies, and front-end planning, which has historically been our bread and butter, we also provide full-service multidisciplinary EPCM project delivery,” de Gans prides.  

Rally’s rapid evolution reflects its enduring dedication, expertise, and confidence its clients have in its services.  

“We continue to deliver top-tier, innovative solutions while adapting our offerings to meet the changing needs of the industry,” he affirms. 

More than just increasing its market reach, Rally’s exponential growth represents a deepening of the company’s commitment to excellence in every project it undertakes.  


As a 100 percent Canadian-owned entity, Rally distinguishes itself through its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, while its operations are supported by several office locations across the country that foster close connections with the communities and industries they serve.  

“By combining efficiency with agility, alongside a collaborative ethos, we enable the delivery of safe, operable, sustainable, and maintainable solutions,” declares  
de Gans.  

The company’s EPCM expertise, including significant field experience in turnarounds, retrofits, and revamps, advantageously positions the company to address various challenges within industrial facilities across North America.  

Further to this, its diversification across multiple industries, including refineries, petrochemical plants, biofuels, and emerging technologies, determines its unique status. 

“This broad and deep service capability sets Rally apart from smaller firms,” he reveals.  

In addition, the company’s ability to execute complex brownfield and mid-sized projects, and deliver high-quality solutions while managing their cost and schedule, underscores its commitment to excellence, while success in cultivating long-term relationships with clients reflects Rally’s ability to surpass customer expectations.  

“In essence, Rally’s differentiation lies in its visionary approach, extensive capabilities, and commitment to innovation.” 

To address recent industry shortages in skilled labor, Rally is developing a workforce training program. Essential for enhancing the company’s project delivery capabilities, the program focuses on attracting, recruiting, and retraining experienced engineers, project managers, and technical experts.  

“Investing in the continuous development of our team highlights our commitment to building a resilient workforce, capable of navigating project complexities and evolving client demands,” de Gans imparts.  

As such, Rally has also implemented staff recognition programs such as Rally Hi5, which celebrates employee achievements, while engagement surveys help cultivate a supportive and transparent workspace. 

These factors collectively position Rally as more than just a service provider, but as a valued partner in fostering a better future.  


Committed to showcasing innovation and providing its clients with a competitive edge, Rally is currently focused on developing many areas of its operations, from enhanced digitalization to improving regulatory support.  

A critical initiative, Rally is engaging in the fortification of its supply chain management. The company believes that developing comprehensive supply chain strategies and contingency plans is key to mitigating risks associated with supply chain disruption.  

“By building robust relationships with suppliers, negotiating favorable contracts, and optimizing logistics, we aim to minimize project delays and cost overruns,” de Gans shares.  

Furthermore, Rally’s project scope is supplemented by its robust supplier base, which allows the company to adapt to project demands of various sizes and complexities.  

“Our partners and suppliers are integral to everything we do. They support our commitment to high-quality, innovative, and sustainable engineering solutions, ensuring we continue to meet the diverse and evolving needs of our clients and the wider industry,” de Gans surmises. 

Finally, enhancing regulatory support for its clients is a significant focus for Rally.  

This helps them to navigate complex permit and compliance processes, ensuring projects adhere to environmental, safety, and Indigenous consultation standards in a market where regulatory compliance is increasingly scrutinized.  

“These initiatives collectively demonstrate our agility, adaptability, and client-focused approach in navigating the challenges associated with AB’s oil and gas industry. By investing in talent and technology and fostering strong relationships with suppliers and regulatory authorities, we position ourselves for success in a competitive market landscape.”

“As an equal opportunities employer, Rally prioritizes the well-being and development of its team, promoting a culture of excellence”

Len de Gans, President and CEO, Rally Engineering


Looking ahead, it is clear that a transition towards renewable energy sources is a critical focus for the industry.  

“As we continue to grow, we recognize the importance of sustainability – not just in the projects we undertake, but as a principle that guides our internal operations and interactions with the wider community,” de Gans acclaims.  

As a proud member of the United National Global Compact (UNGC), Rally is passionate about its commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.  

“This membership underscores our dedication to aligning our operations and strategies with universal principles on human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption,”  
he emphasizes.  

Poised to solidify its position as a recognized leader in project delivery, innovation, expertise, and leadership, Rally’s strategic blueprint for its future expansion is grounded in an objectives, goals, strategies, and measures (OGSM) framework, and serves as a roadmap for turning its aspirations into tangible outcomes.  

“Our goals for the coming year are ambitious yet achievable, focusing on enhancing quality, client satisfaction, innovation, knowledge sharing, and industry leadership. This cultural transformation is guided by a vision to build an inclusive, empowered, and dynamic work environment where every team member is engaged in driving our mission forward,” de Gans elaborates.  

To realize these goals, the company has delineated specific strategies across various facets of its operations, including continuous learning and development, knowledge management, mentorship programs, collaborative projects, and feedback loops to foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. 

By placing its people and values at the forefront of its expansion strategy, Rally is building a foundation for sustained success and leadership in the EPCM sector, ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

“As we embark on this next phase of growth, our focus is on creating a legacy of positive impact, innovation, and excellence that transcends the size of our company,” he concludes.

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