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  • NAZ Industries LLC has proudly been at the forefront of designing, engineering, and manufacturing over 100,000 high-quality products shipped to more than 28 countries worldwide.
  • The company currently produces over 45 body-mounted products and trailers, including tippers, flatbeds, lowbeds, tankers, reefers, and more, with its main location in Dubai Investment Park 2.
  • “Our dedicated team is paramount to achieving our objectives. Without a strong and committed team, our business goals cannot be realised,” says CEO of NAZ Industries LLC, Adel Mir.

Celebrating 29 years of excellence, innovation, and growth, NAZ Industries LLC stands as a beacon of success in the trailer manufacturing industry. We speak to CEO, Adel Mir, about his passion for the sector and the company’s proud journey to becoming a recognised, international name.


Trailer drivers are often the unsung heroes of the road, navigating vast distances with the utmost skill and dedication and ensuring goods reach their destination safely and on time. 

Braving long hours and unpredictable conditions, they are more than just drivers; they are the embodiment of resilience and adaptability, displaying the spirit of perseverance that keeps industries moving forward. 

Nowhere is this more recognised and celebrated than at NAZ Industries LLC (NAZ Industries), who has worked for nearly 30 years to make a name for itself in the trailers manufacturing sector as a highly professional industrial entity. 

“Formerly known as Mammut   Industries LLC, we were established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1995 during Dubai’s major development before changing ownership in 2021 and adopting the NAZ Industries name to signify our new beginnings,” introduces CEO, Adel Mir

Currently, the company produces over 45 body-mounted products and trailers, including tippers, flatbeds, lowbeds, tankers, reefers, and more, with its main location in Dubai Investment Park 2. 

Since its inception, NAZ Industries has proudly been at the forefront of designing, engineering, and manufacturing over 100,000 high-quality products shipped to more than 28 countries worldwide. 

It has become one of the largest manufacturers of trailers and transport equipment in the region, using internationally recognised engineering software and advanced production machinery. 

Despite the vast growth and innovation the company has witnessed over the past three decades, it continues to highlight the core mission and goals embedded in its DNA. 

“Our mission extends beyond being a mere trailer manufacturer; we aim to serve industries by providing innovative solutions. Our dedicated engineers work tirelessly to deliver optimal and cost-effective solutions across various industries and applications,” prides Mir. 

This mission and subsequent commitment from the team have manifested significant, tangible results for the company.  

Specifically, from 2020 to 2023, NAZ Industries increased its annual production almost tenfold, demonstrating that anything can be achieved with ambition and strategic planning.


Mir has been enamoured with mechanical objects, specifically cars, since his early childhood, even working in his father’s workshop for light vehicles during summer breaks. 

“Despite my deep passion, I pursued higher education in finance,” he expands. 

“However, I never lost my love for cars and mechanics, and my heart remained in the workshop environment, surrounded by parts, oils, and fuels.” 

Over the course of the next 38 years, Mir worked in finance, cost accounting, and auditing in multinational companies until 2021, when he became General Manager of Operations at NAZ Industries in an effort to steer the business jointly with his colleague, Hussein Al Share, who was appointed as General Commercial Manager. In this way, Mir was finally returning to his childhood passion. 

“In 2023, I was further promoted to CEO and, alongside the exceptional team at NAZ Industries, we have achieved remarkable results. This journey has brought me full circle, allowing me to merge my passions with professional success,” he excites. 

Mir’s excitement continues to grow, as currently, the trailer manufacturing industry is experiencing a dynamic phase of innovation and growth, making it an incredibly invigorating space to work in. 

With advancements in technology, e-car concepts, automation, and sustainability driving significant transformations and opening new opportunities for business, the possibilities are endless, and innovation is front and centre. 

“Being part of this industry allows me, and the entire NAZ Industries team, to witness and contribute to these exciting developments first-hand, which is truly inspirational and fulfilling,” details Mir. 

NAZ Industries is spearheading these never-ending developments, having become a recognised symbol of quality and reliability led by a CEO whose spirit is embedded in the trailer manufacturing industry. 


As a result of NAZ Industries’ commitment to providing outstanding service, quality workmanship, and innovative intuition that pre-empts industrial needs and caters to market demands, the company has become a reputed and valuable brand by both local and international standards. 

Part of this reputation is due to the company’s philosophy that views every future business endeavour as an outcome of continued after-sales support. 

“Our products are renowned for their high quality and can last for over a decade with proper use and regular maintenance. While our industry standard warranty is for one year, our products typically exceed this timeframe,” insights Mir. 

NAZ Industries’ track record boasts a call back and claim rate of less than one percent, instances of which are promptly addressed by its dedicated service team in the UAE or its authorised service centres in the region. 

“Our rigorous quality control measures ensure that the number of defects is significantly lower than that of our competitors.” 

This ability to provide a smooth operation of manufactured products can be attributed to NAZ Industries’ unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, a dedication maintained by its highly adept and experienced workforce. 

Comprising diligent professionals at every level, the company boasts a team that brings unique skills, perspectives, and experiences to the table to allow for seamless collaboration and the ability to tackle challenges head-on by leveraging these diverse talents. 

Whether it’s brainstorming ideas, working together on projects, or supporting each other, NAZ Industries’ culture fosters an environment where each voice is valued and every contribution matters. 

“Our dedicated team is paramount to achieving our objectives. Without a strong and committed team, our business goals cannot be realised,” insights Mir. 

Together, those at the company are not just colleagues, but a united force dedicated to pushing boundaries, exceeding expectations, and driving success for decades to come.



The demand for NAZ Industries’ exceptional products continues to grow each day, and with the company’s extensive experience in the industry, it is confident in its ability to meet client requirements better than anyone else.   

Currently, the company is involved in a variety of projects across the trailer manufacturing industry. 

Specifically, recent flooding in the UAE has spurred a high demand for vacuum tanker trailers, and NAZ Industries has prepared for any public and private sector demands for such products.  

“Additionally, we’re actively working on a major project to supply a large number of specialised cement bulkers to one of the countries in the region. These trailers have a capacity of 60 tonnes, are built on five axles, and feature a highly specialised and intricate electronic braking system (EBS),” details Mir. 

Throughout these projects and future endeavours, the company always ensures that it stays true to its mission, which is rooted in establishing sustainable growth and development within the organisation while fulfilling its commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction. 

“Our goal for the future is to organically expand in line with market demand, aiming for a production and delivery capacity of 12,000 units annually,” notes Mir. 

Alongside this, the company is looking to expand its production facilities in and outside the UAE to meet the growing demand for its products.  

With a diverse portfolio that caters to the evolving needs of customers, the company embraces the challenges of developing solutions that go beyond conventional approaches, always pushing boundaries and seeking new possibilities. 

By empowering individuals to embrace best practices as a lifelong process, NAZ Industries aims to deliver innovative solutions that set industry trends. It is committed to leading the way in its field and inspiring others to follow, driven by a passion for exceeding customer expectations and delivering outstanding products.

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