Ivory Coast Mining

Explore the emerging mining industry of Ivory Coast, where gold, cocoa, and other resources drive economic growth and diversification. Our exclusive features shed light on Ivory Coast’s mineral potential, regulatory framework, and efforts towards sustainable mining practices. Join us as we uncover the opportunities and challenges shaping the future of mining in this West African nation.

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Latest Ivory Coast Mining Industry Features

Professional Group of Miners of Côte d’Ivoire : Spotlight

Mining companies recognise the vast opportunities of Ivory Coast's natural resources. As the economic powerhouse of Western Africa, the country is embracing its new-found potential.

By Alfie Wilson Rachel Carr

Tietto Minerals : The New Face of Gold

Tietto Minerals is the newest gold producer in West Africa, marked by its first successful gold pour this year. We speak to Managing Director Caigen Wang about the company’s Abujar Gold Project and its exciting potential moving forward.

Mota-Engil : Delivering Crucial Infrastructure and Services

Mota-Engil Africa has been delivering crucial infrastructure and services across a range of sectors since it began operations in Angola more than 70 years ago

By Jack Salter Donovan Smith