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Rachel Carr
Rachel Carr - Junior Editor

To round off this issue, we delve into a back story from our cover article, Pembroke Resources.

As a mining company with a conscience, Pembroke Resources has a project with the power to melt hearts made of granite.   

The “Icon Initiative” is designed to protect koalas and greater gliders – two of Australia’s endangered iconic species. The purpose-built programme researches the marsupials using leading-edge technologies and an on-site clinic at the Olive Downs Complex, which also helps with monitoring and conservation.  

A dedicated team of experts, including veterinarians and specialist ecologists, care for and track the population of these mammals to ensure the numbers increase and profile valuable research. The innovative real-time monitoring can discover new insights into the koalas and greater gliders’ behaviours and preferred habitats.   

The loss of natural surroundings is the greatest threat to koalas and greater gliders, with two main reasons being land clearing and bushfires. As much of their habitat has already been lost, it is vital to preserve what is left.  

Protecting biodiversity and native animals is essential to Pembroke Resources’ mission and vision. Indeed, the company prioritised the initiative before any activity began on-site, and its commitment was honoured when it became a finalist for the ESG Initiative of the Year at the Mines and Money Awards for Outstanding Achievement.  

With Pembroke Resources exceeding its environmental obligations, the two great Australian icons are in excellent hands.

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By Rachel Carr Junior Editor
Rachel Carr is an in-house writer for Mining Outlook Magazine, where she is responsible for interviewing corporate executives and crafting original features for the magazine, corporate brochures, and the digital platform.