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Leading CxOs feature in Mining Outlook Magazine. Our editorial team interviews CxOs from across the global mining sector, hearing insights and perspectives from thought leaders and experts blazing a trail in their regions.

Superior Silica Sands : Every Grain Counts

Superior Silica Sands, a leading supplier of high-quality sand products for the industrial and energy sectors, is dedicated to its vision to provide efficient, cost-effective industry solutions.

Aris Mining : Delivering Growth Responsibly

As the mining industry pivots toward more sustainable practices, Richard Thomas, COO of Aris Mining, speaks to us about the company’s formalization of small-scale mining, enabling protection for both miners and the beautiful South American ecosystem.

Fenner Conveyors : Facilitating a Full-Service Solution

Merging expertise and sustainability, Fenner Conveyors stands above the competition as the market-leading provider of mining conveyor systems.

RJE Global : Turnkey Provider of EPC Services

With a multidisciplinary approach, RJE Global has everything its customers need in mining and resources, both on a national and global level.

By Eddie Clinton Lucy Pilgrim

Vitrinite PTY LTD : Heading up the Highwall

We speak to Michael Callan, COO of Vitrinite PTY LTD, about the latest developments across the Vulcan Mine Complex.

RZ Resources : Unearthing Elemental Discovery

RZ Resources explores, discovers and mines a swathe of critical minerals across the Southwest of New South Wales, Australia. Chief Operating Officer, John Costigan explores the spirit of ingenuity and sustainable responsibility alongside aspirations for vast future growth.

By Eddie Clinton Ed Budds

Mineral Mining and the Electrification Dilemma 

Growing output while decarbonising: a new electrification solution for the mining industry. As governments and corporations promote battery electrification and EVs to achieve their decarbonisation and net-zero commitments, the resultant surge in demand for the minerals to fulfil this growing demand for batteries has global miners scratching their heads.

By Ben Ting

Vitrinite PTY LTD : Coal at the Core

Michael Callan, COO of Vitrinite PTY LTD, discusses operating in the region’s coal mining space, and the company’s preparation for the future.