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Sync Lift Engineering is a market leader in innovation. Providing the number one solution for diverse project needs, we find out more from two of the company’s three Directors.


“Our catchphrase is “Replace Limitations with Innovation.”

The opening words of Brian Lynch, Director and General Manager at Sync Lift Engineering (Sync Lift) evoke the spirit of dynamism and agility that lies at the core of the Australian service provider.

“We’re very nimble, agile, and innovative in our thinking. We love a challenge and having to think outside the square and challenge the status quo, to come up with new solutions to make the job a whole lot safer and more efficient,” Lynch continues. 

Joining Lynch is Marc Richards, Director and Operations Manager. Lynch and Richards founded the company in 2017, along with fellow Director Brad Klease, after identifying a gap in the industry. 

“We decided to form the company because we saw an opening in the market for more niche-based, personalised services beyond what the Tier One companies had been providing,” he explains.  

Collectively, the three directors bring a wealth of industry expertise and significant experience across varying fields. Lynch himself has spent over 22 years working in mining maintenance and shutdowns, with a background amongst many of the major players of the industry in Queensland, Australia.

It was during Lynch’s time overseeing the major projects division at UGL Operations and Maintenance Services that he and Richards first crossed paths, eventually leading to Sync Lift’s inception. Although still a relatively young business, the three directors maintain a hands-on approach ensuring the efficient completion of all projects and undertakings.

“One of our best-received traits is that the three people who own the business are still very much in the trenches working in the business and with our people and our clients as well,” shares Richards.

“We’re very nimble, agile and innovative in our thinking. We love a challenge and having to think outside the square and challenge the status quo to come up with new solutions to make the job a whole lot safer and more efficient”

Brian Lynch, General Manager, Sync Lift Engineering


Sync Lift’s headquarters are situated in Gladstone, Queensland, where they operate their Mechanical Overhaul and Fabrication business unit.

Alongside this division, Sync Lift’s services are split into several business units, including Labour Hire and Recruitment, Specialised Lifting Services, and the mainstay of the business – Field Services and Shutdowns.

The Specialised Lifting Services division is Sync Lift’s most recent addition to its varied portfolio and has been supported by significant investment into major assets and innovative products, such as Hydraulically Jack Electric Rope Shovels and Hydraulic Excavators.

“We serve the needs of many sectors – mining, ports, and industrial around Queensland and into New South Wales, and soon to embark over into Western Australia,” says Lynch.

Although the Queensland coal mining industry is the bread and butter of the business, Sync Lift ensures the company’s sustainability by spreading its reach far and wide to alumina, mineral processing, and oil and gas.

Additionally, Sync Lift is involved in port infrastructure and maintaining the assets involved in loading commodities for shipping, from inloading facilities, stacker reclaimers and surge bins to ship loaders, complementing its work in mining and industrial assets.

Indeed, across Queensland’s eastern seaboard, Sync Lift offers a complete service solution, from pit to port.

“For such a young business, we’ve invested quite heavily upfront. We have a very large spectrum of tooling and equipment to support what we do,” Richards observes.

Despite the breadth of its solutions, Sync Lift prides itself on its rapid ability to react and respond to a customer’s needs.

“We’re able to react extremely swiftly to support people in breakdown situations,” he adds. “We love problems, and being able to provide the solutions.”  

Throughout any undertaking in such high-risk environments, the business maintains an uncompromising standpoint on safety. As Lynch attests, “safety is our number one priority.

“If we deliver our projects in full, on time, and safely, the commercial results follow.”


Looking to the years ahead, Sync Lift’s future will be fuelled by its overarching priority of delivering projects, safely, on time and in full. 

“We will also continue to think innovatively, both technically and commercially, acting as a market leader in innovation,” states Lynch.  

In line with this, the company will continue to bolster its Field Services Division.

“We’re effectively building a field services team that’s more aligned to providing preventative maintenance for our clients’ assets in the local area rather than just focusing on shut downs,” Richards elaborates. 

In all future endeavours, the personalisation, agility and safety behind Sync Lift’s service offering will continue to make all the difference to the client experience.

“Our clients know they’re going to get high attention to detail and a focus on delivering safe and qualitative successful projects. They love the fact that we’re able to react and make decisions when required. We’re not a big cumbersome unit that requires multiple levels of approval. 

“We’re there to meet their needs and we can do that swiftly whilst focusing on safety and quality.”

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