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Warman Slurry Pumping Handbook 2023 Featured

Weir Minerals releases the 6th edition of the Warman® Slurry Pumping Handbook.

Metals are key to global growth and critical to a sustainable future. Lithium, copper and nickel are three examples of vital resources regarding the role they play in electrifying modern living, with metals such as aluminium and iron key to building construction and maintenance. 

Therefore, it is the all-important duty of the mining sector to uncover and acquire these raw resources to fuel societal growth – this is where The Weir Group PLC (Weir) comes in.  

Founded in 1871, Weir is a premium mining technology business whose purpose is to make customers’ operations more sustainable and efficient, and today has approximately 13,000 employees in over 60 countries. The group is ideally positioned to benefit from structural trends that support long-term demand for its technology including the need for more essential metals to support economic development and carbon transition. Weir’s highly engineered technology enables these critical resources to be produced using less energy, water and waste, reducing customers’ total cost of ownership.  

Weir’s technologies operate at the centre of the mining sector across the globe, backed by the drive to maximise sustainability and efficiency in helping provide such resources for our ever-growing society.  

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Part of the global group, Weir Minerals is the manufacturer of the industry-leading Warman® slurry pump, and has released the latest edition of their coveted Warman® Slurry Pumping Handbook. The 6th edition, compiled by the most trusted name in slurry pumps, features detailed engineering data required for most slurry pumping applications.  

Drawing on decades of Weir Minerals’ inhouse expertise in innovative engineering and slurry pumping technology, the new handbook has updated reference material based on new learnings, improved understanding and technological developments within the mining industry. With customers always in mind, the handbook aims to empower engineers to achieve optimal performance from their Warman® slurry pumps.  

An increased global focus on the environment, energy consumption and water conservation will influence slurry pump design and considerations – making this latest handbook an essential tool for all current and future pump engineers.  

“Pumping slurry has many challenges and I’m excited to publish our latest handbook, packed with fundamental theory, application advice, standard practices and latest Warman® learnings from the field; all aimed to help our customers, present and future, deliver with excellence” – Marcus Lane, Director, Slurry Pumping Technology Group.  

Weir Minerals are continually striving to shape the next generation of smart, efficient and sustainable solutions with cutting-edge science and innovation. The comprehensive handbook includes over 140 pages of detailed information, including performance charts, impeller design, part configuration, assembly and slurry considerations – fully supported by accurate technical renders and specifications.  

“The high quality of the reference material in this essential resource reflects the leading status of the Warman® slurry pumps. As the industry leader, we have a responsibility to develop our future engineers; we will make the latest version of the Warman® Slurry Pumping Handbook available not only to our customers, but also to the leading schools worldwide, so they can learn from the best in the industry” – John McNulty, Vice President Global Engineering and Technology.

As part of Weir Minerals’ commitment to investing in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and developing the next generation of engineers, copies of this essential resource will be gifted to the leading mining and engineering educational facilities around the world, including the winner of the 2022 Warman Design and Build competition, Deakin University in Australia.

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