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  • The Argentine Chamber of Mining Companies (CAEM) seeks to represent the interests and growth of people, companies, and organizations directly or indirectly related to the mining industry in Argentina.
  • CAEM is committed to helping its members implement all necessary tools and indicators to guarantee responsible, reliable, and sustainable mining activity.

Cámara Argentina de Empresarios Mineros brings together the nation’s mining activity at a national level and represents all companies in their productive and exploratory stages, as well as a wealth of provincial chambers and suppliers.


Today, the mining industry is currently Argentina’s sixth largest national export complex, generating USD$4 billion in exports annually. It also promotes 100,000 direct and indirect jobs and this year promises to yield tax contributions of more than USD$342,000 million. 

Since 1957, the main companies and associations related to mining in Argentina have worked together to collectively develop the industry.  

The Argentine Chamber of Mining Companies (CAEM) was founded in 1991 as a result of the joint decision of the most important companies already present in the market, and with the purpose of strengthening and streamlining the potential of the nation’s vast mining industry.  

CAEM represents its members before the country’s authorities and abroad, as well as to a range of individuals and private businesses. The company promotes congresses, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, events, and publications, and encourages exchange with public institutions and private organizations connected to mining activities, both locally and abroad.  

In every stage of production, CAEM represents companies dedicated to metalliferous and non-metalliferous mining and construction materials. It also gathers the exploration chambers, the provincial chambers of the industry, and suppliers, from machinery manufacturers to consumer goods and services companies, as well as technical, legal, and financial advisors. 

Furthermore, CAEM seeks to adequately represent the interests and growth of people, companies, and organizations directly or indirectly related to the mining industry in Argentina. CAEM’s group of companies show their support for the industry in which they work and contribute to the development and growth of mining for the country, forming part of the unified front that promotes a strong, sustainable, and competitive Argentine mining voice.

Rustenburg, South Africa, Dump Trucks


Humanity began mining for and using minerals around 9000 BC. Virtually pure copper occurs naturally and there is no real need for a complicated process to extract it and, as such, the resource is still a vital component of Argentina’s mining industry to this day.  

In ancient times, there was no use for the metal as a tool because pure copper is relatively soft and its value was more attributed to its appearance, since it is the only metal besides gold that has a color other than white or gray.  

Because copper was visually attractive and easy to shape, it was used extensively for decorative items such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and brooches. 

In 1997, Argentina joined the club of copper producers with sites including Bajo de la Alumbrera, San Jorge, Taca Taca, El Altar, Campana Mahuida, Los Azules, El Pachón, Famatina, Josemaría, and Agua Rica. 

Central Andes, the nation’s region with the largest known copper resources, spans Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia, which collectively contribute to around 40 percent of the copper consumed by the world.

Salt mining at Salinas Grandes in northern Argentina


By joining CAEM, companies can access a range of perks and benefits as they are seamlessly integrated into the nation’s broader mining network.   

Associating with CAEM and the institutional work it carries out as a sector, companies within the mining industry can access powerful tools, resources, and experience to aid their development.  

Joining CAEM also provides access to exclusive information on the industry and sector activities. New entrants will receive the most relevant news and special reports on political, economic, sustainable, and social issues involving Argentina and international mining. 

One such example is CAEM’s involvement with Stantec Argentina SA, the subsidiary of the Canadian firm Stantec, a world leader in engineering, design, and sustainable environmental services. 

Elsewhere, members can make the most of networking events, educational opportunities, conferences, and special events, and can learn and collaborate with industry colleagues. CAEM’s biennial Arminera exhibition is the meeting point for the main national and international professionals, companies, and organizations related to the mining industry.  

These impressive events help CAEM’s members build relationships with mining companies, suppliers, consultants, legislatures, and policymakers in the mining world, facilitating interconnectivity for the entire industry. To date, CAEM has professionals in legal, accounting, energy, sustainability, public opinion, reporting, product and supplier development, and communication areas. 

CAEM has identified that public understanding of the industry is vitally important in the daily lives of Argentinian citizens, and not only works on responsible mining policies but also educates and promotes activity using its entire structure for the benefit of the industry. 

Being part of CAEM is committing to a new way of doing mining for Argentina. The association remains committed to helping its members implement all the tools and indicators to guarantee responsible, reliable, and sustainable mining activity. 

Additionally, with the spirit of working on the development of the industry across Argentina, based on consensus, transparency, and institutionality, CAEM carries out union representation in collective and individual mining agreements. 

Considering all the benefits and comprehensive support that it offers, CAEM exists as a beacon of unity for the entire Argentine mining sector.


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