Canada Mining

Uncover the vast potential of Canada’s mining industry, spanning from the remote regions of the north to bustling urban centers. Our exclusive articles delve into the country’s world-class deposits of minerals such as gold, copper, and uranium, as well as its leadership in sustainable mining practices and innovation. Join us as we explore Canada’s role as a global mining powerhouse.

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Latest Canada Mining Industry Features

EPC Groupe : State of the Art Emulsion Production Technology

We delve into the industrial projects igniting the Canadian mining industry with Ferdinand Bodénan, Senior Vice President of EPC Canada.

Rockburst Technologies : Explosive Innovation

On course to slash two percent of the world’s electricity consumption, we dig deep with Rockburst Technologies breaking new ground in mining.

By Phoebe Harper

Stornoway Diamonds : Quebec’s Crown Jewel

As owners of the first and only diamond mine in Quebec, Stornoway Diamonds Canada is meeting demand responsibly and sustainably. We find out more about this flagship asset with CEO, Patrick Sevigny.

Spotlight on Québec Mining Association

Inside the resource-rich territory poised to advance the energy transition with world-class mining practices

Hecla Québec : Gold Standard Mining

A proud First Nations employer, Vice President of Hecla Mining Québec, Ronald Durham, discusses responsible mining and future innovation.