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Eastport Ventures : A Suite of Mineral Interests

Burns Singh Tennent-Bhohi, Founder and Executive Chairman, outlines Eastport Ventures’ principal mineral assets and plans to achieve a public market listing.

By Jack Salter

First Tin : Tin – A Critical Metal for the Future

As a critical yet often forgotten metal, tin is essential for a sustainable world. Bill Scotting, CEO of First Tin, examines the mineral’s supply and demand, which is driving the need for new mines.

By Bill Scotting

Saad Kassis Mohamed’s WeCare : Shine Bright Like a Lab-Grown Diamond

Driven by principles of ecological guardianship and societal accountability, WeCare is a charity organisation that has recently raised significant funds for innovations within the lab-grown diamond sector.

By Lily Sawyer

Gravitricity : Gravity for a Green Future

Mine owners across Europe are looking at an alternative form of underground energy storage that offers a low-carbon future as operations wind down.

By Jack Salter

Mining Outlook Issue 6

Mining Outlook Magazine Issue 6, the sixth issue from the multi-channel Global Mining Resource by Outlook Publishing.

By Editorial Team

NAZ Industries LLC : Delivering Energy, Driving Progress

Celebrating 29 years of excellence, innovation, and growth, NAZ Industries LLC stands as a beacon of success in the trailer manufacturing industry.

By Eddie Clinton Lauren Kania

EPC Groupe Europe and the Mediterranean : Pushing the Boundaries of Excellence

EPC Groupe, a world leader in explosives, has primarily served the global mining sector for over 130 years. Luis Calvo, Area Manager for Europe and the Mediterranean, shares his insights into the company’s burgeoning success in the region.

By Eddie Clinton Lily Sawyer

EPC Asia Pacific : Blasting Towards Greatness

We speak to Pascal Lacourie, CEO of EPC Asia Pacific, to learn more about the company’s history and plans for an explosive future in the region.

By Lauren Kania Eddie Clinton

GMS Mine Repair and Maintenance : North America’s Premier Mining and Tunneling Contractor

Tom Rannelli, Director of Canadian Operations, highlights how GMS Mine Repair and Maintenance is embracing the next generation of underground and surface mining.

Walkabout Resources : Greatness in Tanzanian Graphite

We speak to Andrew Cunningham, Managing Director of Walkabout Resources, about the tremendous graphite mining capabilities of its flagship Lindi Jumbo project, and how the company consistently endeavours to put the local community first.

By Joshua Mann Lucy Pilgrim

Professional Group of Miners of Côte d’Ivoire : Spotlight

Mining companies recognise the vast opportunities of Ivory Coast's natural resources. As the economic powerhouse of Western Africa, the country is embracing its new-found potential.

By Alfie Wilson Rachel Carr

Mining Pro : Capabilities and Commodities

Mining Pro provides tailored services that add value to its clients’ mine site operations. Executive Director, Grant Wechsel, unearths the elements that enable the company’s success.

By Eddie Clinton Rachel Carr