Ghana Mining

Experience the golden heart of West Africa’s mining industry in Ghana, where gold production fuels economic growth and prosperity. Our exclusive features provide insights into Ghana’s mining landscape, regulatory reforms, and community development initiatives. Join us as we uncover the stories behind Ghana’s status as a leading mining destination on the African continent.

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Latest Ghana Mining Industry Features

Gold Fields West Africa : Ore Inspiring Procurement

Changing the game for responsible, socially beneficial mining is Gold Fields West Africa. We discover the company’s aims to enhance communities whilst simultaneously growing the African economy.

Ed BuddsThomas Arnold By Ed Budds Thomas Arnold

Thyssenkrupp IS : The Digital Mining Evolution

We speak to the CEO of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Middle East & Africa, about the company’s delivery of industry plants and systems.

PW Mining : Showing Africa the Way

We speak with Tony O’Neill, General Manager at PW Mining, to discuss projects for major clients in the gold mining and the oil and gas sector.

Ed BuddsDonovan Smith By Ed Budds Donovan Smith

Mota-Engil : Delivering Crucial Infrastructure and Services

Mota-Engil Africa has been delivering crucial infrastructure and services across a range of sectors since it began operations in Angola more than 70 years ago

Jack SalterDonovan Smith By Jack Salter Donovan Smith