Papua New Guinea Mining

Discover the untapped potential of Papua New Guinea’s mining industry, nestled within the pristine landscapes of the Pacific. Our exclusive features offer a closer look at the country’s rich mineral resources, indigenous partnerships, and evolving regulatory landscape. Join us as we explore the opportunities and complexities of mining in this unique island nation.

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Latest Papua New Guinea Mining Industry Features

Hardware Haus : Becoming a Haus-Hold Name

We speak to Alvin Prasad, General Manager of Hardware Haus, regarding Papua New Guinea’s construction and mining retail industry and the company’s latest developments in the space.

By Ed Budds Joshua Mann

Papua New Guinea Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) : Spotlight

We examine the highly prospective industry of mineral mining within the Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea.

Ok Tedi Mining Ltd : The Heart of Papua New Guinea

We take an in-depth look into OK Tedi Mining Ltd, its operations within Papua New Guinea and speak with executives to delve deeper into the organisation.

By Joshua Mann Jack Salter