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  • RJE Global (RJE) specialises in providing multidisciplinary engineering and construction services for complex projects across a multitude of industries.
  • RJE currently has 432 full-time equivalent employees, with the head office and primary manufacturing facility located in Adelaide, South Australia.
  • RJE believes in the importance of partner and supplier relationships, and contributes to efficient operations, quality assurance, risk management, and long-term growth. 
  • “We are committed to providing customers with solutions that are essential and avoid unnecessary add-ons,” says Paul Moynihan, COO of RJE.

With a multidisciplinary approach, RJE Global has everything its customers need in mining and resources, both on a national and global level. Chief Operating Officer, Paul Moynihan, tells us more.


Positioned as a cornerstone of the Australian engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) mining sector, RJE Global (RJE) specialises in providing multidisciplinary engineering and construction services for complex projects across a multitude of industries.  

“As an Australian privately-owned and operated company, our organisation prides itself on being progressive and innovative, allowing us to excel in projects sometimes located in remote outback and offshore areas,” opens Paul Moynihan, COO of RJE.  

To deliver and exceed its customers’ needs, the company offers a comprehensive range of services and products, delivering turnkey design and construction solutions that encompass all aspects from initial ideation to full operational implementation. This also includes the start-up, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance of certain projects.   

Typically, RJE is engaged in large infrastructure operations; as a result, its workforce can fluctuate in response to ongoing project cycles. Currently, however, the company has 432 full-time equivalent employees, with the head office and primary manufacturing facility located in Adelaide, South Australia. Previously, RJE has been recognised at the state level with a manufacturing exporters award, showcasing its manufacturing flexibility and excellence.  

The key to RJE’s success is firmly rooted in its core values that permeate every aspect of its operations, spanning not only Australia but also overseas. Furthermore, the business’ main client base includes prominent global Tier 1 companies operating in the energy, renewables, defence and mining sectors. RJE’s success is further evidenced by the number of repeat clients it enjoys, which speaks to the positive experiences both the company and customers have had in each project.  

“RJE offers a diverse range of services, excels in complex projects across multiple industries, and maintains a strong base both in Australia and internationally,” Moynihan surmises.


Fundamentally, RJE’s client-focused, collaborative approach bolsters its reputation, as it prioritises presenting solutions that are in the best interests of the project and ensures an optimal technical outcome.  

“While this approach may not always lead to upselling opportunities, we firmly believe that it fosters long-term sustainable relationships with repeat business.  

“We are committed to providing customers with solutions that are essential and avoid unnecessary add-ons,” Moynihan highlights.  

The company’s other significant strength lies in its seamless vertical and horizontal integration throughout every stage of the project. Across the entire process, RJE has a comprehensive in-house team comprising engineers, designers, manufacturers, transportation experts, and on-site construction professionals.  

Such a varied skillset is a rarity, particularly for medium-to-large construction projects. Therefore, by having all its initial functions in-house, the company has greater control over the entire process, subsequently reducing the risks associated with third-party interfaces and potential delays.  

As such, RJE’s end-to-end control extends from the conceptualisation phase to the final handover, allowing it to make quick and informed decisions with input from all relevant stakeholders. Such adaptability proves invaluable when faced with demanding timelines, unforeseen delays, and technical and commercial changes.  

When looking at the Australian EPC mining industry as a whole, there is a conscientious effort towards social responsibility, rather than a simple pursuit of profits.  

“With the global race to achieve net zero, the importance of minerals found abundantly in Australia cannot be overstated. Therefore, Australian mining companies, along with international firms operating here, are striving for sustainable and low carbon solutions to become stronger considerations in the investment decisions of new and existing projects,” Moynihan explains.  

This shifting focus introduces a new aspect of scrutiny in the evaluation of EPC mining submissions, which focus on sustainability and indirect low carbon costs, presenting opportunities for both innovation and potential contract risks. Fortunately, however, RJE is well-positioned for any eventualities.  

For example, its prefabricated glass-reinforced cement (GRC) clad switchrooms have a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional steel-clad alternatives. As a result, the firm is currently experiencing exciting new business prospects as major mineral exporters seek to decarbonise their supply chains.  

“Despite this, EPC companies operating in this sector should understand that sustainability commitments made during the initial tender process are more than mere formalities,” Moynihan warns.  

“They must be fully committed to the transition and actively involve their customers in this journey. At RJE, we excel in establishing meaningful connections with our clients at all levels of the organisation, helping to meet and exceed their sustainability commitments.”


Alongside its environmental responsibilities, RJE actively engages and collaborates with local businesses in each community that it operates in, thanks to its extensive national presence.  

When linked to its supply chain operations, the organisation works with local branches of multinational companies contributing to localised job creation, as well as smaller establishments that serve as the sole providers of goods, ranging from hardware or construction consumables to meals for employees. In return, RJE works hard to support these businesses wherever possible, aligning their growth with the success of its projects.  

Evidently, RJE believes that partner and supplier relationships are extremely important to its success, as they contribute to efficient operations, quality assurance, cost savings, innovation, risk management, and long-term growth. 

“Our attitude towards our vendors and partners is that we can’t succeed unless they do. Short-term wins for RJE at the expense of our partners turn long-term relationships into short-term transactions,” Moynihan states.  

In other sectors, the company is involved in building four wind farm projects across Australia, coupled with two large grid-connected Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects. RJE has many initiatives in the pipeline to strengthen the system and position itself at the forefront of the industry’s sustainable efforts, along with more traditional mining projects ongoing across South Australia and Mongolia.  

The company also has much to look forward to in the thermal power sector having recently completed a number of aero-derivative gas turbine projects, with negotiations for additional projects underway. These are set to provide stability and security of supply to both networks and mine operators.  

However, standing head and shoulders above these projects is the West Musgrave Hybrid Power Plant, which is currently under evaluation by the BHP/OZ Minerals team. The ambitious project is in collaboration with Zenith Energy, who RJE is supporting in its sustainable efforts and will be a large part of its construction delivery team if selected.  

“Once completed, the West Musgrave Hybrid Power Plant will be the largest islanded hybrid power plant globally, and with aspiring targets for renewable energy usage and penetration, it’s a truly world-leading project to potentially be involved in,” Moynihan proudly tells us.


Projects aside, RJE is also primarily focused on capacity building and acquisitions. In the current market, the ability to secure projects heavily relies on an organisation’s delivery capacity and less so on price.  

Accordingly, to ensure the company is well prepared to benefit from the forecasted projects under discussion, RJE has undertaken a comprehensive review of its entire delivery process, from initial conception to design and commissioning.  

“By making minor adjustments to our designs and emphasising modularity, we have observed significant efficiency gains in the field, leading to an overall increase in our organisational capacity,” Moynihan adds.  

Moreover, RJE’s smarter engineering approach has uncovered latent efficiencies and capacity improvements, enabling the front-end team to take on more bids with confidence in the ability to deliver.  

“This strategic focus on enhancing capacity is vital to our success, as it allows us to pursue and execute a higher number of projects consecutively.”  

Put simply, RJE’s key goal for the upcoming year is to continue to achieve the best possible outcomes for the company and its clients. Broken down, RJE’s short-term goal is to consistently execute its projects to the same high standards that its name has become synonymous with and to ensure it does so in a sustainable, efficient, and collaborative way.  

“We don’t have specific growth targets, they’re more organic, however, we do have some growth constraints in particular sectors and one of our key aims over the next 12 months is to identify, mitigate or eliminate those constraints to ensure that we grow in a truly sustainable way,” closes Moynihan.

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