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  • Western Bainoona Group (WBG) has been a cornerstone in the development of roads and infrastructure projects in the UAE, and is now internationally recognised as a modern business and travel hub.
  • Since its inception, WBG has produced and supplied aggregates and rock materials for various esteemed clients in the UAE and Bahrain. 
  • WBG is committed to initiatives promoting environmental sustainability, working with EMC-CV to partake in trials for electric trucks in the UAE.
  • “We continue to invest in the most qualified, best-in-class talent to manage operations and deliver results," says Martin McGinty, CEO of Western Bainoona Group.

Western Bainoona Group has integrated plans, processes, people, equipment, and world-class competencies to consistently deliver exceptional infrastructure projects over the past 33 years. We learn more from CEO, Martin McGinty.


The colossal construction industry in the Middle East has grown impressively to a position of enviable buoyancy in recent years.  

There is a plethora of vast infrastructure projects under construction throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and this, combined with the numerous giga projects underway in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), is spearheading a dramatic increase in the demand for high-quality aggregates.  

Giga projects are infrastructure or capital project investments of such gigantic scale and ambition that they can be considered ‘once in a generation’ in terms of what they deliver to the world and how they deliver it. 

“Combined with the commencement of aggregate haulage operations with Etihad Rail, the landscape of the haulage region may change beyond recognition in the next couple of years. There is also an increased environmental awareness throughout the industry which will have an impact on every aspect,” opens Martin McGinty, CEO of Western Bainoona Group (WBG). 

WBG has been a cornerstone in the development of roads and infrastructure projects in the UAE, and under the country’s wise leadership, is now internationally recognised as a modern business and travel hub. This can largely be attributed to the UAE National Vision 2030, which supports strong public policies towards diversifying the nation’s economy, thus simultaneously promoting the country’s rapid growth.  

This policy has already accomplished great feats, such as the UAE’s successful bid for the Expo 2020 which was key in supporting the nation’s upward trajectory. 

“We continue to invest in the most qualified, best-in-class talent to manage operations and deliver results.” 

WBG’s management team is backed by a large, qualified workforce of over 4,500 employees trained to the best practices and standards, and the company’s ISO-certified accredited management system and environment health and safety standards are what make WBG truly stand out. 

“We rise above the competition because of our quality, right-time delivery, performance, reputation, price differentiation, and the fact that we are a one-stop shop.” 

After graduating as a civil engineer from the University of Strathclyde in 1986, Martin immediately started working in the UK construction industry with Galliford’s, and then Balfour Beatty.   

“It was while with Balfour Beatty that I obtained my Quarry Managers certificate as we were drilling and blasting through an old quarry for the M8. Then, just under 30 years ago I had an opportunity to work in Qatar; I enjoyed the way of working in the Middle East so much that I have stayed here ever since,” he recalls. 

Indeed, Martin has been working in the UAE since 1998 with some additional spells in Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, and KSA.


Steeped in a rich history of experience and success, WBG was formed in Abu Dhabi by Khalfan Mohamed Khalfan Abdulla Al Hamily and Zouheir Najem Chamandi in 1990.  

“We are a company with special grade classification in roads and infrastructure. Our main office is in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi with further branch offices in Fujairah, Dubai, Bahrain, KSA and the UK.” 

Since its inception, WBG has executed numerous projects and produced and supplied aggregates and rock materials for various esteemed clients in the UAE and Bahrain. 

The greatest strengths of the company today lie in the expertise of its manpower, its large fleet of specialised equipment, elite machinery and vehicles, alongside its asphalt and batching plants and operational crushers in Mahda (Oman), Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah (UAE).  

These prominent strengths have enabled WBG to participate in prestigious projects such as the Baraka Nuclear Plant, Etihad Rail, Al Wattan Road, and Sh. Zayed highway in Bahrain. 

“Our main services are in the construction of roads and infrastructure, quarries and crushers, asphalt production, and logistics and transportation. Furthermore, WBG serves government authorities in charge of the development of roads and infrastructure as well as major private developers in the region,” he adds. 

Despite starting as a transport company, WBG realised the demand for quality aggregates, and subsequently moved seamlessly into the quarrying industry. As the UAE grew, the requirement for high-quality construction companies also increased; WBG’s owners recognised this requirement and steered the company in the right direction.


WBG has proudly completed several iconic projects in the UAE and is particularly proud of its contribution to the execution of Al Watan Road, as this played an important part in linking major parts of the nation together. 

This impressive project was executed in Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah, eventually reaching the outskirts of Dubai, and involved the construction of 66 kilometres (km) of new roads with extensive drilling, blasting, rock excavation, filling, and asphalting. For this assignment, WBG utilised an innovative approach where crushers, a concrete batch plant, and an asphalt plant were all installed on site.  

Keen to ensure a bright future for the company, WBG plans to introduce electric trucks at the earliest possible date. Indeed, working with Emirates Motor Company-Commercial Vehicles (EMC-CV) has become a particular point of pride for the company.   

“WBG values its long working relationship with EMC-CV. We have relied on our large fleet of trucks to make deliveries over the years, and it has therefore been a contributor in the overall WBG success story.” 

Elsewhere, WBG uses EMC-CV’s Fleet Management Platform to measure truck productivity and drivers’ performance, whilst enhancing their driving skills. 

Additionally, the company remains firmly committed to participating in initiatives to promote environmental sustainability and works in close coordination with EMC-CV to partake in the trials for electric trucks in the UAE as the first step in transforming the entire WBG fleet. 


Encouraging employees to undertake greater authority is a core belief of WBG, as the organisation actively promotes autonomy and responsibility in the workplace. Indeed, WBG sees to it that employees are provided with the necessary information, resources, equal voice, and support to contribute to the overall objectives of the business. 

“Such contributions are always recognised and valued.” 

As well as empowering its staff, another key relationship that WBG must nurture is the partnership it has with its network of suppliers. 

“WBG considers its comprehensive supply chain to be valued as its trusted selection of partners in overall project delivery. This relationship is therefore crucial for ensuring the timely delivery of products and services and providing our clients with the best deals in the market,” he enthuses. 

The key to building such relationships starts from the beginning, by choosing the right suppliers through proper due diligence and market research, maintaining regular communication throughout the delivery process, making sure all supplier payments are made on time, and providing suppliers with proper feedback to ensure continual improvement.


With a firm commitment to advancing and aiding the local community as one of its core values, engrained deep in the very fabric of the company, WBG believes that businesses have a crucial role to play in making the world a better place.  

WBG’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy covers several practices, which mainly include volunteering both during environmental crises and for charitable services. Alongside this, WBG is also involved in and committed to taking part in traffic awareness campaigns, blood donations, sponsoring community sports activities, promoting the use of recycled material, providing training for undergraduates, and improving labour policies. 

“This strong dedication to CSR processes allows us to provide optimum quality in a timely and cost-effective manner while ensuring that maximum care and consideration are given to society and the environment.” 

Similarly, WBG is committed to offering value to its customers by assisting them to achieve their own goals while simultaneously fostering regional growth and stability. 

“Our strategy is to leverage a unique bundle of services by reinforcing our local capabilities with those of our prominent local partners, in order to capture synergies for a sustainable competitive advantage,” he finishes. 

With an assured, socially responsible and proven strategy for growth in place, WBG remains extremely proud of its achievements to date and is committed to continuously enhancing its capabilities to ensure it remains at the very forefront of its industry.


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